Recognising excellence in the boating industry

As Australasia's largest provider of boat insurance, Club Marine partners with more than 1000 marine industry members across both Australia and New Zealand. We've overseen service and repairs from almost every dealership, service centre, rigger, surveyor and shipwright in the region, and we've seen the best and the worst the industry has to offer.

Platinum Dealer status recognises quality, service and professionalism in the boating industry, and is earned over years of positive partnership.

For more information about Club Marine products, please speak to your Club Marine Platinum Dealer.

Disclaimer: Club Marine Platinum Dealers are businesses independent of Club Marine, and are listed as a general service to our members, not as advice. Club Marine provides no warranty regarding the service or outcomes provided by Platinum Dealers other than in the event of their services provided in a claim approved by Club Marine. Ensure you research your dealer to ensure they hold the appropriate stock, capability and/or qualifications for the job you require.