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Safe and secure

There's more to anchoring than dropping the pick and hoping for the best - a few simple measures can help your pride and joy stay put at anchor.
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Spring has Sprung
If your boat has been stored over the winter, you’ll want to check a few things before the new season’s first outing …
Bass Strait blues
Large southern bluefin tuna lure sport fishers from around Australia to Portland each year.
Hooked up down south
In the land where everything is bigger and better, the fishing is hotter, faster and vastly popular, even in unlikely locations.
Captured on film
Leighton De Barros’s fascination with sea creatures has led to acclaimed documentaries that capture previously unseen animal behaviour.
Mating game
Each winter, large numbers of giant cuttlefish congregate close to shore in SA’s Spencer Gulf, presenting the brilliant, changing colours of their mating rituals in the shallow water.
Short-order suppertime
Ditch the takeaway and spice up your quick-dinner repertoire with these fuss-free dishes. Serve them individually, or as a banquet that’s dressed to impress.
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How to tow with a PWC or jetski

Jeff McNiven from JSW Powersports shares some great tips on towing with a PWC or jetski. He's on the latest SeaDoo RXTX 300. He covers all the thing you need to know including gear, signals, observers, hazards and general safety.
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