Spring has Sprung
If your boat has been stored over the winter, you’ll want to check a few things before the new season’s first outing …
Heavy-weather boat handling
Boating in heavy weather will test your skill and nerve, but if you know what you’re doing, are well prepared and have the right boat, a sudden change in weather won’t be such a threat.
Watch the weather
Fair weather or foul, it’s vital to always check the weather forecast and assess what conditions might await you on the water.
Trailer stash
Whether large or small, there are numerous options when it comes to parking your trailerboat between outings.
Offshore boating
How well you’re equipped for offshore boating will determine whether you’re at the mercy of the sea and the weather, or will return home safely after an enjoyable trip.
When things go wrong …
While running into trouble isn’t on any skipper’s agenda, being prepared and keeping your emergency equipment ship-shape will help greatly in an emergency.
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